©2019 by Heather Zordel


Heather Zordel

for Bencher

Election Statement

Having been elected to a Bencher position last year when another Bencher became a judge, I have been “learning the ropes” and I am finding Bencher work interesting and rewarding. Accordingly, I’m requesting your vote to re-elect me in 2019.


I am working in the public interest to ensure we, as Benchers in partnership with Law Society staff, (i) license individuals well qualified for general practice and chosen specialties; and (ii) ensure Ontario licensees receive good value for the fees you pay the Law Society. As a self-governing profession, we must also recognize and respect that the overwhelming majority of the profession govern themselves well as individuals.


The “industry” of law is evolving at an increasing pace, and it is hard to keep track of associated issues. We need your input as to where regulatory change is needed, not just on big picture issues, but also the little ones that take time away from your working day or cause you to incur unnecessary expenses. We all complain about such annoyances over coffee or in written submissions, and forget about them until we realize they have never been addressed and have gotten lost, and start again in the next round of consultations. I propose to focus attention on simple record-keeping and then a database to keep track of your concerns, issues and ideas for solutions, so the Law Society can address them in an organized fashion as we move forward with Convocation, staff, processes and technology.  


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